Friday, December 30, 2011

Queer Fish Now Available

I woefully neglected this blog in the autumn, but I'm hoping to do more with it in 2012. But before the year ends here's a little self-promotion.

Queer Fish is now available. Brought to you by the nice people at Pink Narcissus press, Queer Fish is an anthology of speculative gay fiction, including one by yours truly called "The Hollow Hills of New Hampshire." It's about what happens when a modern urban gay guy inherits a brownie. No, not a little Girl Scout or a chocolate pastry, but an ancestral spirit from Scottish folklore! Needless to say supernatural hijinks ensue.

Queer Fish has lots of other great stories, including the very raunchy but funny "Mike Dies at the End (A Parody)" by W2, "Welcome to Anteaterland" by Nathaniel Fuller, and the tear-jerking "The Golem of Rabbi Loew" by Johnny Townsend.

Since I'm giving kudos to other authors, I don't feel guilty now about the self-promotion.

I'm hoping to have another story published soon, but I'm waiting to hear from the editor. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Have a happy New Year!

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